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I bought that Hogue stock with the full length bedding. I like it a lot, though it is heavier than the flimsy synthetic stock that came on my Ruger Hawkeye. I did a little research on stock weight, and the Hogue isn't out of line, unless you spend some really big bucks on the top of the line light aftermarket stocks. What I really liked about it was that the action dropped right in perfectly and I didn't need to do diddly to it. The rifle apparently liked the new stock because my groups really tightened up. So yes, I like it and I'd buy another one. I don't notice any unacceptable flexing at the forend. And if there's any flexing, it doesn't cause any problem with the accuracy. If you are going to put a bipod on it, I don't know if that would cause any problems with stock flex.
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