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How is that saving money Skadoosh? Looks like for the similar finished product it's more expensive than Theis or CBH. Seems like no matter the seller they all seem to have a similar value of their time and work that goes into a completed product. So even if the end user assembles it themselves, to "save money" you're not counting what that individuals time is worth to them. What you value your time at might not be the same as another person.

More on topic, another Theis user here, also still in the little squeaky stage, which from either the website or one of the pieces of paper that came with it a bit of baby powder on the contact areas between the kydex and leather should help until it goes away. I haven't tried it cause it's just a little squeak. But I am happy so far, and even it conceals well even under a t-shirt for me.
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