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Looks a lot like CBH SuperTuck holsters...I would really like to have seen a $40-$45 price point though.
I'd like to buy a new Ford Super Duty 4X4 diesel truck for $18,000 too! Isn't $20 less than a CB and free shipping good enough?
$20? I can buy a CrossBreed SuperTuck for $69+$9 shipping/handling. That's $78 to my door. The CB mini-tuck is almost $2 less. A Theis Concealed Carry Horsehide Holster is $65 shipped. That's a lot less than $20.

Getting back to the cost analysis issue....both the CB and the Theis holsters are over-priced. How so? Let's break down the cost point of the less expensive Theis Concealed Carry Horsehide Holster ($65/shipped):

Lets assume these Theis holsters are made with the thicker and more expensive 0.093 Kydex instead of the more common 0.080 or 0.060 thickness. If one considers the actual cost of all the materials (Kydex, leather, clips, screws and hardware) that go into making leather-backed Kydex holsters to include the time/labor that goes into them, total actual cost to produce these holsters still doesn't break $35.

A full up and running operation should easily take less than 30 minutes to fully assemble a holster. A laborer getting paid $5/holster is making more than minimum wage. Minus reasonable shipping & handling ($5.35 for USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate and $3 for handling), that's a $22-$25 profit per holster.

That's a profit margin of 34-38% per holster.

Now, according to the most readily available national accounting data for small businesses, the HIGHEST average profit margin for small businesses is around 16%...while a middle of the road small business is seeing more like 8%.

Using that data, for a holster that costs $35 to produce, a profit of 16% is $5.60. A profit of 8% would be $2.80. Which puts the "average profit" cost of this small business product at about $37.80-$40.60 per unit.

Hence my statement that I would like to have seen a $40-$45 cost point. Heck, I even added a $5-$7 "bonus" when I made that statement!

So, all we have left to think about is the warranty. Both the Theis and the CB holsters come with a lifetime guarantee. In the case of the one-man-operation that is Theis holsters, who's "lifetime"? My bet is that the CB warranty will actually be in effect a lot longer than the Theis warranty.
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