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David White
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I can tell you just how many dry wall boards a 9mm Golden Sabers +p can penetrate.....

Let's see.. I and out of a door frame, this includes the two by fours used in framing the door.
Slight ricochet off the bathroom ceiling.
In one side of the bathroom wall and out the other.
Ricochet off the ceiling in the laundry room.
Into that wall and out of the wall in my wife's office.
Ricochet of of the ceiling fan ( marking the blade hit ) off of the ceiling and came to rest in the drapes of my wife's office.

So let's see: through two by fours, through four dry wall boards, multiple ricochets. So, consider that load tested!

And yes... I violated one (or more ) rules of gun safety.
In my 25+ years around firearms, that was my second ND.
I let my concentration wander and thank god the only outcome was some holes in the wall!
Things could have gone very bad and I just got lucky that it didn't.

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