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The way you set up the drywall will make a difference, as noted above.

Several sheets glued together will give you a different penetration depth than several sheets separated by three inches of air.

Same if that air space is filled with insulation.

Your glued-together test might be fun, but it won't tell you anything useful in applying it to house construction and penetration.

How many sheetrock sheets would it take to stop a recoverable bullet?

I built a dummy section of "wall" using leftover drywall from construction in my house a while back.
Frame of 2x4, drywall on both sides.
I was testing RUBBER buckshot.

ALL pellets from one less-lethal 12-gauge shell penetrated BOTH drywall panels from about 15 feet away.
I didn't include insulation because I didn't have any to spare laying around.

That may help give you an idea.
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