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First of all I will say I love movies... All kinds action, horror, mystery, sci fi,
So I have watched and enjoyed several zombie movies. I understand the marketing and such. Is it in poor taste? Yeah, kinda.

But none of this is anywhere near as bad as the "Sons of Guns" and "American Guns". These morons do 10x the damage to responsable gun ownership than all the zombie crap in the world. The only people that have even heard of Zombie ammo are gun owners. Yet anyone with basic cable tv thinks gun owers are all backwoods hicks or worse (looking at you "Doomsday Preppers")
This kind of portrayal of gun ownership sickens me. I'm a pretty calm person normaly but that Kris guy from "sons of guns" raises my blood pressure. I would give a $1000 to kick him in the teeth.
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