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I am a younger guy so let me interject a bit here.

My friends and I from time to time have joked about "getting ready for the zombie apocalypse". Do we really think that the dead will rise and only a bullet to the head will stop them? No; the ZA is just my generations WWIII as I view it as silly as I know that sounds.

Joking about "ZA" day, talking about what we would do, where we would go etc is just a way to lightheartedly talk about the very real; very scary to some topic of being ready should SHTF.
In general amongst younger people it is a much more socially acceptable topic to talk about things in generic "ZA Day" terms. I mean seriously...I could carry on a conversation with any college friend, pro or anti gun about what they would do if a mob of zombies was tearing through their neighborhood, how you would get food etc.
The much more realistic topic of what you would do if the economy collapsed and suddenly you had a mob of 20+ people breaking into every home on your block, looting the homes then killing the occupants. In general the conversation would stop right there even though that is the far more likly of the two situations because too few younger people are mentally equiped to wrestle with such difficult subjects.

While I agree all it would take is some off his meds nutjob; equipped with a "zombie killer" 1911 and a "zombie killer" AR-15 shooting "Zombie killing" ammo going out and shooting up a bunch of "zombies" to screw us over big-time I think some of you are missing the point.

Any "evil deed" done with a gun will be blamed on the entire community of firearms owners regardless of the gun, type of ammo and suspect. It wouldn't matter if Al Capone himself was resurrected through modern science and illegally purchased a gun to re-commit the St. Valentines day massacre; the story would be about "easy access" to weapons, "gun" crime and how "common sense gun control' could have stopped it.
We are and forever will be until we somehow get more allies in the media guilty until proven innocent; in this case the "good guys wear black"

I do not see the need to pay double or triple the cost for a zombie target but I do enjoy shooting at human shaped targets; my first ever target was a "gang banger" drawn on a piece of 3/16 plywood by my dad.

I also do not see the need to buy zombie themed guns but some people like Neon Green and I won't hold it against them.
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