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Originally Posted by BlueTrain View Post
You fellows must live in the wide open spaces. I can't think of any place within a hundred miles of here where a twenty-mile walk wouldn't bring me to a general store or 7-Eleven.
That's me too. I'm not hunting or fishing in Wyoming. I don't go four-wheeling in West Texas.

I believe this goes to the point that your kit(s) need to be customized to your situation. My kit is provisioned for the situation where I am hurt so badly I can't walk out. I'm rarely more than 5 miles from the car and likely never more than 10. My priorities will be to take care of the injury, stay warm, stay hydrated, and get help. My spouse always knows the areas where I will be located and when. If there is a cell signal then I text her updates. We have an agreed upon time for her to call for help if I don't check in. If I'm injured so bad I can't get to the car then I just need to stay alive until help arrives.

I do commonly go out of cell signal reach, but I have considered getting and packing one of those 30+ mile FRS radios.

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