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Have you shot the gun much and how does it feel now??. The reason I ask that is when I bought a 638 for the wife a lot of different sorces (friends, internet, yada yada) said that shooting it a lot would make the hand hurt. So I bought a Hoage grip for it that covered the back strap. Now that is a comfortable grip but also adds some size to the gun for concelment. But when the wife and I shot +P loads thru the gun with the factory grip on it neither one of us thought the gun was uncomfortable or painfull at all. And we shot about 50+ rounds thru it. But as others have said there are lots of grips out there and it is pretty much what you like the look and feel of. We are in the process now of getting our CPL license but once we do I will put he hoage grip on when using the OWB type holster and factory grips on it when using IWB type holster.
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