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You fellows must live in the wide open spaces. I can't think of any place within a hundred miles of here where a twenty-mile walk wouldn't bring me to a general store or 7-Eleven. That isn't to say I can't think of places where I can avoid people all day long if I want.

I generally mention in threads like this, here and elsewhere, that the greatest danger in the woods, especially when the grounds isn't exactly perfectly flat, is falling. You probably won't break anything but the heavier your pack is, the easier it is to fall. Even so, for walks in the woods, I take the same thing if I'm only going no more than a mile from home, which is about all I do anymore, that I do if I'm exploring the mountaintops above Front Royal, which is to say, not a whole lot.

I do carry first aid stuff, rarely used, a pot, because that's the one thing that's hardest to improvise, and a few other odds and ends, depending on the season. I have a variety of knives that I sometimes take along but I don't think I've ever used one for anything. One has to learn to do without things. It makes everything so much simpler.
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