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MIKE... are picking on me ??? ( note fat guy & low ride holster )

I'm kidding I might resemble the figure more than I like, but since I'm a single action revolver guy ( almost as crazy as "that" other crazy single action revolver guy ) I don't fit the mall ninja image...

BTW... I don't shoot people shaped targets, or even Zombie targets... I'm a cheap sob... I shoot circles on regular old note paper most of the time ( I can imagine the human shape if I feel the need )

fact is I do worry about public perception, & while I have had my share of the semi auto stuff, & used to be into the "black rifles" I now more resemble the "mall cowboy" than the "mall ninja"

... I'm hoping I'm percieved as less of a threat than the mall ninja looking dude... if that's the case, I'm getting across the image I'm after...

... as a huge reloader, I don't have a problem buying the green tipped bullets ( if they are cheaper ) I just put them in the same plastic ammo boxes I'd put the red tipped ammo...

... on a more serious note... I don't play paint ball, or air soft... & I don't like young people playing video games that could condition them to shooting humans, & then transition them to shooting people with ( ever more realistic looking ) air soft, & paint balls... IMO, we are only developing a generation prone to do Colorado Theater "type" incidents... I'd have no trouble ( as it is ) transitioning from my circles on paper to bad guys in a real life situation if needed... I don't like that a whole generation of young people ( both emotional stable, & total wackos ) are being conditioned to shoot people on their next "bad day"
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