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Originally Posted by Wyosmith
Just a thought……….
What are your thought gentlemen?
My first thought is just what Art said, a solution looking for a problem.

I understand your concerns but in the many places wherein 22 caliber weapons are already legal for deer we are not seeing a problem.

On top of that, many personal stories shared in this thread and many others provide ample evidence that simply using the right bullet is not the end all, be all solution.

People get lucky with entirely inappropriate choices and unlucky with cartridges and bullets that should be ridiculous over kill. (I've shot woodchucks with 12ga slugs and every single one has made it back to it's hole, leaving a nasty mess of blood and guts behind, yet in years of trying and hundreds killed, only one has escaped my .204Ruger)

In short, I just don't think the problem is nearly the magnitude that you do. I don't really think there's a problem at all.
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