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What are you going to use to test them? I was sitting at the range one day and while talking to someone, a groundhog came out in front of the 100 yard line. I had a re-cut Arisaka (6.5x55) with open sights. The guy with me didn't have his gun out yet so he said "Go ahead". That 160 grain RN tore it in half. Only a small piece of skin holding it together. That was a "Deer bullet". That same bullet will go through a couple packs of tightly bound newspapers before it starts to deform. I swung on a moving deer and shot an 8" maple tree (It only wounded it because I saw it grew over later) about 15 feet in front of me. It went all the way through and had a jagged hole coming out. You would think 8" of green maple would expand a 7x57 140 grain bullet to the point where it would not exit. On the other hand, I never had expansion problems in soft parts of deer with it. I don't think you can accurately regulate bullets to game.
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