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Mike, I do think there are lines we shouldn't cross (not that I am prepared to state exactly what those are), but I'm not ready either to yield everything to the winds of political correctness, as has been demonstrated to fail in the UK, where if anywhere the need to keep and know how to use a firearm should be very prominent in the minds of its citizens given the events of only 70 years ago.

The aversion to human form targets at certain ranges is a bad/sad trend on many dimensions, not the least of which is the opportunity to shoot something the same size/shape as a potential attacker. Personally, I find the graphic targets of a murderous knife-wielding attacker with his arm around the throat of a scantily clad woman to be repulsive, and would never use one, but I do enjoy shooting my own human outline targets. Fortunately my range not only permits these kinds of targets but makes a lot of money selling the plastic versions to customers.
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