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This may be OK in the CZ82 according to your supposed pressure data, but how about Maks and PA62 pistols
That's why I stated:

As to whether other 9x18 guns can run this ammo as effectively and safely, I can't say for certain
Here's some numbers fired out of the CZ 82 from commercial ammo companies:

Silver Bear 94gr HP: 1108fps, 256ft/lbs of energy
Brown Bear 94gr FMJ: 1119fps, 261ft/lbs of energy

Now, I run that ammo in all my Mak guns, including the small P64 with 0 issues. The BB is averaging only 80fps less than the Underwood so the pressure can't be that far off.

How about these companies putting a warning label on the box stating "This ammunition is loaded to higher pressure than SAAMI standards for this round" Wouldn't that be a more honest approach?
Yes, it would. But, they do make their pressures readily availible and their advertised velocities are right on the box so it's not a secret either...
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