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Silly/harmful or not, some pretty reputable outfits carry it, undoubtedly because it sells -

The comments in the article by Marty Hayes are a bit far reaching to say the least. What difference does it make what kind of targets or ammo you shoot? If I practice shooting into ballistic gelatin with the latest and greatest hollowpoints (and post a video of it) does it prove that I am planning to go after human targets? What about if I shoot at human form outline targets at the range and save my best targets showing nice groups of headshots? If these actions will be used to show a jury that I have homicidal tendencies, then I suggest we all arm ourselves with ball ammo and weapons in existence at the time of and in conformance with the Hague Peace Conferences of 1899 and 1907, or better yet just disarm completely. Then we have nothing to worry about, right?

I can see and argue both sides of this argument, but just playing devil's advocate here, I think Marty needs to realize that shooting can be about fun as well as about defensible self defense. If shooting a few zombie targets with zombie ammo is a way to get the kids hooked on shooting, then why not?
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