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I need a better method of trimming 223's

I was at our local Sportsman's Club shooting my AR 15 and another guy also shooting an AR 15 and I started talking and he asked if I reloaded, I said yes I do. He says he has saved all his brass and was going to get into reloading but he just doesn't have the time and asked if I would like some once fired brass, of course I said yes. He said I was welcome to follow him home and pick it up if I wanted, so I did. He gave me close to a 1000 LC 5.56, 250 45 acp, 150 44 mag and 150 9 mm plus a handful of 270. He wouldn't take anything for them, I thanked him very much and said how much I appreciated it.

Now with all this brass to process I am looking for a better method of trimming the 5.56 brass. I have been using the Lee trimmer but the cases keep coming loose in the shell holder in my cordless drill.
What method are you guys using to trimm your 5.56 or 223's ?
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