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A friend of mine, lives in a small town in Yorkshire, UK. Gas for cooking, propane, not called that in UK.

The tank sits outside, accessible from Street, for filling. It is odorless, tank is a few feet higher than kitchen floor. A leak occurred, and as this gas is heavier than air, it started to fill the kitchen.

Jack (my buddy) was walking out of the back door, into the garden, the gas filling up the kitchen, reached the pilot light on the stove. BOOM IT BLEW HIM INTO THE GARDEN, JUST SHOOK UP, NOT INJURED.

What a mess, lifted the roof, blew every cupboard off the wall, major reconstruction called for, he grabbed his Lady, two kids, camper, went on holiday, as far as Morocco, left builder and Insurance man in charge.

One month later, sorted. Went home. To a new, non leaking gas tank!
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