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My suggestion would be to de-regulate the cartridge and have a restriction on the bullets
A 223 is ok for deer if the bullet used doesn't break up or fragment (as many do because they were designed as varmint bullets.)

Perhaps the best way Wyoming law could be modified would be to allow center fire 22 cal rifles that fire bullets of 60 grains or heavier and those bullets should pass some sore to test overseen by Game and Fish to be sure they will hold together. It may sound impractical, but I'd bet there are several wardens in this state who would volunteer their time to test bullets in ballistic media to get them on the "approved list"

As a gunsmith, I would do the same if the Game and Fish Dept wanted some sort of test. I'd do it free of charge.

I have a lot of experience with such things. I was the CEO of a bullet company for a while, and doing ballistic testing is something I’d be happy to do for hunters if they would provide the bullets to test. Some will not be adequate I know, but some other would I am sure.

I think a 257 Roberts and a 243 Winchester should be the “ruler” to judge the 22s by. I’d set up a test to measure penetration and cavitations on the standard 243 and 257 and see which .224 bullets would give equal penetration with at least 80% of the cavitation. I believe that would be realistic criteria to judge by.

Just a thought……….
What are your thought gentlemen?
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