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I don't actually NEED any. My current job doesn't require me to be armed, and my lifestyle is such that the chances of me being a victim of a violent crime where my only option for survival is armed resistance are very small.
OK, I'll say it again. MOST violent crime victims (in normal environments) had it happen to them when or where the odds were "slim" that it would happen.

You can only BET that you won't need to be armed, and that's your call. The odds are, of course in your favor---same as it was in favor of the crime victims who weren't armed because they didn't "need" to be.

And don't forget, you won't "need" your seatbelt, fire extinguisher, Asian Flu shots, tetanus vaccine, parachute, emergency flares, live vest, Israeli battle dressing, and all the other stuff the odds say you won't "need".

Like many gun owners, I own more guns than I "need". My personal "needs" are a main carry gun and a BUG, which for me is a 642 snubbie.

OK, somebody tell me I won't "need" my backup gun. Or the reloads I always carry. Wait 'till I take my chill pill first.

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