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I've never found that to be the case. Good shots leave good trails, usually. Bad shots usually don't.
Exit wounds can be very helpful, especially for tree stand hunters whose entry holes tend to be high and not bleed much.
I've never noticed that larger bullets leave more blood.
Frankly, when the shot is right, the trail is easy and short. When the shot is wrong, the trail is tough and long. That's the only thing I've seen.
The problem with personal experience is that it's limited and fairly random. That's why I like to rely on the experience of (trusted) others ALSO. I've personally seen what should have been all but perfect shots result in lost animals and shots that should have been awful result in a dead animal in 30 yards. It just happens.
An animal (any animal) which has deflated lungs will be dead in no more than 150 yards or so. If its not, you didn't deflate the lungs.
I go back to the fundamental argument though. It's not that I would recommend a 22 cal for deer hunting, it's that I think the government generally ought to keep their friggin nose out of peoples choices.
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