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1" Dia Flashlght

Hey all,
I have a flashlight mount that mounts to the rail on my rifle that I picked up real cheap. It is a surprisingly sturdy mount for how little I paid for it. So now I need to find a good budget 1"diameter flashlight to put in it.

My buddy at work said he would sell me his Surefire G2 for $30. I have not seen it, but I'm sure it is not as bright as the new LED stuff. He said it has the push button activation at the end. I definitely want at least this function so I don't have to fiddle around with twisting the bezel.

Is the G2 a good deal you think? It looks like I can get them on Amazon for like $40 so I think I could probably talk him down some. Shoot he talked me down from $90 to $75 on a Bushnell so I have no qualms about talking him down.

Any suggestions on other lights?
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