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Originally Posted by TunnelRat
Simple fact is most people don't do a field strip, most I've seen don't know how, so allowing the small percentage of people that want to do it to do it isn't going to cause some sort of massive wear on the gun.
It only takes one "Oops!" to severely mar a new firearm.

So let's say Dfariswheel from this forum (who is a Colt 1911 pistolsmith) or Bob Hunter from this forum (another 1911 pistolsmith) wanders into a gun shop while on vacation, sees an interesting looking 1911 and asks to field strip it. What's the shop owner supposed to say? Our guys KNOW they know what they're doing, but Mr. Gunstore Owner doesn't know them from Adam. Why should he be expected to believe either one of them if he says, "Trust me, I've done this thousands of times"?
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