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If you don't mind me asking, in what general area do you hunt?
generally I hunt in 11 and 11A but I got drawn for the late cow elk in 11X which is only about the northern half of 11 where Hells Canyon meets Craig MT.

my brother has a Ruger MKII with ultralight stock in 7MMRM which he constantly whines about shooting. my brother in law has a remington 700(lefty bolt) with heavy wood stock also in 7 rem mag. back a month or so ago when we were chronographing our intended elk loads I finally got fed up with my brother's complaints of a sore shoulder and fired it after already having bruised my shoulder with the weatherby. needless to say I was disappointed. even with an ultralight stock his 7MM still failed to even make me wince on with a bruised shoulder and then I shot the brother in laws which reminded me more of the kick from a 1903 springfield than a magnum hunting rifle.

as a kid I remember going to the range and shooting next to a cop that we "knew" calling my brother a wuss for rubbing his shoulder from a 7mm kick while he was shooting a 338 lapua. my brother gave him the rifle and said "you try then". I then proceeded to watch a police officer(which I never had much respect for to begin with) aim, fire, scream and drop my brother's rifle as his eyes filled with tears and his hand went to his shoulder...

I figure that my brothers 7mm might be a little above average when it comes to recoil and still does not hold a candle to my rifles recoil. I think I would be happy even with that small step down of going to one identical to his, though my brother in laws is more of the target area that I am hoping for.
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