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I have to agree with Jim March. Not every "rampager" or shooter falls into the same category. Some of these people have legitimate mental illness. *When I say legitimate mental illness I am NOT condoning this behavior what so ever. In my opinion they deserve life in prison or a mental facility (depending on the severity)*. My point is that no two people are exactly the same so we have to break things down into easier categories so that we can try to understand. Bottom line is that I see no reason that anyone should murder innocent people for any reason. Even if someone was bullied as a child (Columbine) they have no sane reason to carry out acts of terror. As I grew up when someone made fun of me my dad taught me "if someone makes fun of you F*** em, if they attack you F*** em up!. Essentially my point is that people have no reason to attack out of agression in a civilian setting, and those that do should be sent upstate for the rest of their lives
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