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Theis IWB holster review

Theis Holster,, makes a great IWB hybrid style holster. I have been using mine for several weeks now to carry a KAHR CM9. It has been comfortable, and makes the KAHR very to concealable while being easier to draw than the DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster I was using. It is well made, and appears to be made of quality materials. It fits the gun perfectly, holding it securely, yet allowing it to be easily drawn, and re holstered. The Kydex portion that actually holds the gun is adjustable for height, and cant. Delivery time was a short 8 days VS 3-4 weeks of the most popular holster of this type. It also has a price tag of about $20 less, and the price includes shipping!
If I have one minor complaint it is that the holster is a bit noisy, with a bit of a "new saddle" type of squeakiness. It isn't loud enough to be noticed with normal day to day background noise. Besides, I doubt that anyone would even know where the squeak was coming from.
I'd suggest this holster for anyone looking for a hybrid IWB holster, and am going to order one for my SA XD40 Sub Compact as well.
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