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Conquest is a great deal - maybe the best all around value in scopes for most common applications.

The glass is FAR superior to Leupold in the same price range.

You can buy Docter optics that cost more and I have trouble telling the difference. Of course, those are/were made in the Jena Zeiss factory. You really have to step up to S&B / Swarovski price range to be able to noticably tell the difference in glass quality over a Conquest.

As far as the Rapid Z goes, I can do you one better... Right now you can get a 'rebate' on new Conquest purchases where the factory will put your ballistic drop from your specific caliber built right into the scope. This is buying the standard duplex at its regular price. Quite a nice upgrade if you were planning on getting the Rapid Z.

Good luck.
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