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James K
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Hi, MCB,

Please re-read what you wrote above. Your info is usually right on the money, but what you wrote is just confusing.

AFAIK: There are two Mauser receiver ring sizes, the small ring and the large ring. The former was used on pre-1898 Mausers and on the Kar 98a adopted during WWI. For lightness, that rifle, otherwise an 1898 model, uses a small receiver ring.*

All other Mauser 1898's (Gew. 98, K.98k, etc.) as well as copies (VZ-24) use the large ring. The action length, whether measured by the distance between guard screws, or some other way, is another issue.

It is a bit like judging a man's height by his hat size.

*After the war, so many were acquired by Turkey that they became known as the "small ring Turk" even though they were actually made in Germany.

Jim K
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