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Playing with it some more, I discovered that the entire trigger group from the problem rifle causes the mag to stick in another rifle, making me think it's an issue with the trigger group. However, a trigger group from another rifle installed in the problem rifle also causes the mag to stick, making one believe it's an issue with the receiver. Now I'm really scratching my head.

Yesterday I was able to replicate the malfunction of the bolt hanging up by hand cycling the bolt while pushing up and back on the inserted mag. However, today, I am unable to do the same. I guess for now I will wait and see how it functions, but I am still curious as to what is causing the mag to stick, and if perhaps its not uncommon?

One last thing I forgot to mention was that I recently changed from a factory synthetic stock to a factory wood stock. I noticed that the mag well on the synthetic stock is narrower, perhaps just enough to prevent the mag from moving enough to cause the malfunction, explaining why I didn't have the problem with the synthetic stock.
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