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It depends on the caliber, in my own guns I use the following:

.22 Long Rifle- CCI 40gr Velocitor
.32 Auto- Fiocchi 73gr FMJ
7.62x25 Tokarev- Winchester 85gr FMJ (S&B is just as good if available)
.38 S&W- Handload with a 200gr LRN
.38 Special- Remington 158gr LSWCHP +P
9mm Parabellum- Winchester 127gr Ranger T-Series +P+
.357 Magnum- Remington 158gr SJHP
10mm Auto- Winchester 175gr Silvertip
.44 Magnum- Remington 240gr SJHP
.45 ACP- Federal 230gr HST +P

Also, if I still owned a gun in .44 Special, I'd use either Federal 200gr LSWCHP or Speer 200gr Gold Dot depending on the barrel length (I'd only use the Federal in a 4" or longer barrel).
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