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Originally Posted by rkm812
I have a Colt DA 32 6 inch New Pocket. This particular gun doesn't have a serial number on the butt.
There are matching numbers on the crane and frame they are 18.
Any ideas?
The matching numbers are assembly numbers.
EVERY Colt revolver ever made should carry a SN, ergo, the SN on that one was removed (aka under Federal Law:defaced) - making it illegal for ANYONE to possess.

IIRC, The only way to positively determine if a SN was once in place where one is suspected of having been removed is via X-ray/magnafluxing, which will reveal the deep stress marks made by the original stamping, and from which the SN can usually be determined.

AFAIK, the only way that the above detection won't work is if enough material is removed when removing the SN, to also remove the stressed metal beneath. (I always check for a thinner than usual frame in the usual SN area).


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