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One man's opinion,2 cents!:

There is a disconnect,

"My .300 Wby hurts to shoot" Valid,reasonable statement!Applause!!Honest.

Is just about guaranteed if you are shooting a rifle that you hate to shoot,you will get squinty eyed and cringy when you shoot it,unless you are accidently very focused and diciplining yourself through the shot.

That being said,as you have demonstrated honesty,how good of an idea is it to focus on the over 350 yd shot?
I am not saying you can't shoot,or shoot 350 yds.

I am suggesting that its not that often (except in dreams)that elk pose out where you can see them during hunting season at a quarter mile away.

If/when they do,OK,you see elk.Do you absolutely have to shoot at first sight,or can you say,if they are not alarmed "OK,now is when it gets exciting,the stalk!Heads down,feeding,I can make it to that tree,slink,slink.Now,to the tree line...slink slink,50 more yds,etc."

If you haven't done that,try it.Its gets tingles.

I believe in carrying the best under 350 yd rifle.It carries better,and it does not hurt you so,by shooting better,it is actually more effective at any range.

At those ranges,350 or less,a .308 will kill elk just fine.So will a .270,7mm express,30-06,etc.

And,if you have a suitable rifle you are familiar with,at this point in time,go with it.

If you are an elk hunter,you can get your elk with a 30-40 Krag,A .303 British,or a Savage 99 in .300 Savage.If you aren't,a 338 Ultra mag is not going to make you an elk hunter.

One option,you like your .243?Some folks elk hunt with them,I'd call a .243 a little light for elk.Maybe leave your .243 a .243,(gunsmith won't have time,anyway) but finding a Rem 700 like your .243 should not be hard. Get a matching .308 or 30-06.Or,some of the other mfg rifles.If you hate your WBY,you don't need money,trade!

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