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thanks for all the info. after you figure in the , scope, mounts, and adapters, probably putting me at close to $700 for the package, Howa, has a target master 308, scope, combination for $789. i'm thinking the Howa, any suggestions on that.
A Ruger American will be $350ish. It comes with bases so you need rings, about $20. A Nikon Prostaff is somewhere between $150-$200, haven't priced them lately a you'd be no more than $570 into the Ruger with a Nikon scope.

The NIkon Prostaff would be far better then what comes on the Howa I'm betting.
While the Prostaff is near the bottom of what I'd suggest, it will work, and is a far better choice than what comes on the Howa. There are better scopes, for only a little more money, but the Prostaff is a solid choice and better than the Bushnell or Nikko Serling. Not a bad choice at all for a $350 rifle.

Between the Ruger and Howa. The Howa has been around for a while and has a solid repuation. They are well made guns using traditional methods and consruction if that is important. They are the heaviest of all actions and made in Japan.

The Ruger is a newcomer using new, unproven methods and materials. Some would call them shortcuts to save money and make more profits. They are very lightweight. A Ruger will be close to 2 lbs lighter than a comparable Howa if the Howa comes in a Hogue stock.

The Howa is a safer bet if you don't mind a heavier gun. It will also be more expensive, especially since you will replace the cheaper scope eventually. For my money I'd gamble on the new Ruger design if I wanted a budget gun. I like that it is USA made and Ruger has a reputation of building good guns, even their budget models. The weight is a huge selling point for me, maybe not for others. Ruger advertises 6 1/8 lb in 308. The Howa I used to own was just under 8.
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