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The long-action Savage is probably the longest of the standard actions currently available. For several years I went with a Weaver K6, which required extended rings to give me the eye relief I needed. Extended rings are quite handy when trying to fit a scope to a rifle.

That's Leupold extended bases, with Redfield extended rings (Brownell's #47221).

However, this year I've gone with a Nikon ProStaff scope on that rifle, and I was able to eschew the extended rings. Now, it's set up with that Nikon scope and standard Leupold high rings.

So far, I like that scope and it gives me plenty of eye relief on that rifle.

Where's a good place to shop for scopes when you need something specific?
Your local gun shop is a good place to look for scopes. You're keeping the money in the local economy and helping a local guy stay in business. I understand that lots of us like to order online, and that's fine, but I like to buy locally when I can.
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