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Propane tank penetration

Moved to a new home recently, it has a bottle gas stove in one room. We don't intend to ever use it, also has an electric furnace in the house. Until the tank is removed from the yard, a big concern of mine is over penetration and hitting that tank. There's also close next door neighbors on one side, about 15 feet away. I know small shot shouldn't penetrate much, but I don't want something weak either. I know .410 #6 won't penetrate an empty helium tank, but will put some serious dings in it, that at about 15-20 yards. I know a propane tank is much sturdier than that, but I do not want to press my luck So my idea is 3 inch .410 #4, 12 gauge 2 3/4 #7, or .22LR hollow points. I really could use some help.
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