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Marine, IIRC. While not rampagers - the Miami shootout folks were not novices.

As an aside - in the movie Full Metal Jacket - R. Lee Ermey (familiar to us) plays a DI. He goes off on being a great Marine marksman and cites Whitman and Lee Harvey Oswald as exemplars.

Dr. David Grossman - psychologist and solider argues that some rampage killers get enough simulated practice on modern video games to be decent shooters and lose their inhibitions.

Anyway, I told the concerned party that we have more to worry about rather than the HPD training videos. Someone who wanted info has more choices than one can shake a stick out.

The issue of whether a mass showing primes someone to be a shooter is a different issue than tactics.

I also mentioned that the best defense is training folks on campus with guns and permits but that I doubt the questioning group would go along with that. Horrors.
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