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Nothing wrong with going "Deer Rifle" with an Arisaka. There used to be a lot of guns out there that were already chopped. Now I think a sporter stock is cheaper than an original wood set. I like semi-sporter. I still have 2 that are basically original looking, but with short scopes and bent bolt handels. I bought new replacement stocks and made carbines out of them. (These are Chinese made stocks and don't fit too well) I made everything I could out of aluminum and titanium to lighten them up. One is 7x57 and one is 6MM. I kept one that is cut and welded for 7.62x39 and uses Mini 30 magazines. One that I re-cut to 6.5x55, one I bought at a yard sale that was converted to .300 Savage. It sounds like I never even had auctions to scale back, but I sold off my originals. Sounds like a lot but I used to run into guys at shows that had a lot more than I did.
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