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Colt 1862 Pocket Police

I went to the gun shop the other day and bought this little Uberti Pocket Police in .36 cal. It's the five shooter and the bbl is only 5-1/2"s long. First thing I did was take it apart and give it a good cleaning, boy did it ever need it. The inside of the frame had a lot of little shavings come out of it and some out of the nipple holes. The gun it's self is OK but I don't think it's worth the $300.00 I payed for it. The finish is OK but not what you'ed think you'ed get on a Uberti. I guess I need to be more careful from now on. If Pietta had of made one I would have bought it from them. Them folks have got it going on when it comes to finishing a bp pistol now days, come to think of it my first Pietta is a 1858 RNA Target Model and that gun has held up well over the last 22 yrs, and still going strong as ever, great shooter. Anyway after reading a lot of post on this forum and others I wanted to do a little homework on this one befour I started messing with it. Last night I took it out on the back porch with three different kinds of caps. CCI #10s CCI #11, and Remington #10s. I had read where some liked #11 caps on this gun and now I know why. They stay on the nipples better than the smaller #10s. The first ones I tried were the Remington #10s and they went pop just like they should, but they will go down into the action if you don't keep an eye on them. The #11s seem to fit real good on this little gun and after each one poped if you tilt your hand to the right they just fall right off the nipple. This is one Colt that you haft to point down to cock and turn or you'll be fishing cap frags out of the bottom of the hammer. That means in my case taking the gun apart. I didn't even bother with the CCI #10s. Now that I know what caps to use I'll load it up to find out how well it shoots next. I haft to let the rain pass on by befour loading it up. Here's a couple pic's of this little gun.

Already said I haven't fired it yet, but I can tell ya right now all this gun is any good for is "PLINKING" cans and paper. You may get a rabbet or rat with it but for hunting and such I'll stick with my 58s and 60s just cause I know them and the 58s hit what I point at with them. The 60s will to but ya have to shoot them till ya learn how to aim them. The sites on most Colt pistols are worthless. I'm still learning with the Colts to point the bbls at the targets and fire. The 58s for me are the easyest when it comes to using sights.

I'm pretty sure back in the day when they give these 62s to the police they where OK cause getting shot with anything would be bad news. Now days if you could just get to a hospitol you just may have a good chance to walk back out. Soon as I can get outside to shoot this little Colt I'll try to post pics of what it's really able to do.
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