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"Bruce Banner Syndrome", The Turner Diaries....

The Hulk remarks reminds me of a recent conversation I had with a guy who claimed to be a OEF-OIF combat veteran & ex-sheriff's deputy.
The "ex-cop" said he was under treatment for PTSD & "Bruce Banner Syndrome". I'm not a mental health expert or doctor but I never heard of this condition before. He said he was prone to fits of rage/aggressive behavior brought on by stress/conflict.

I also wanted to bring up; No Heroes, the non-fiction book by Danny Coulson(check spelling). Coulson was the senior FBI agent & CT expert who was picked to set-up/run the elite HRT(Hostage Rescue Team). He wrote that he purchased several copies of "The Turner Diaries" & required every unit member to read the book. Coulson wanted the HRT members & FBI staff to have a clear understanding of the anti-government movement and be able to handle those events if required.

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