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I'll need to pull my list from home later tonight or tomorrow, but off-the-top-of-my-head...
- Emergency (space) blankets (at least 4). Three should be pre-taped together into a tube with foil tape. This makes a very nice tube tent.
- Water filter (in addition to the purification tablets).
- Your nylon cord should be paracord.
- If you are really concerned about the need for food then I'd suggest adding two or three 110 Conibear traps.
- Your first aid considerations seem light. I would add some trauma treatment materials, as trauma may be the reason for being stranded. (Chest Seal, Thoracic Needle, Bandages, etc.)
- You didn't mention the scenarios you might be engaging in - are you hunting, driving in remote areas, bear country, etc.? Check some of the off-road motorcycle forums. They have some well thought out emergency kit postings.
- Medicines: Any critical prescriptions you may need. Also, Benadryl, Asperin, some strong (prescription) pain medicines, a prescription for a wide spectrum antibiotic.
- Insect wipes
- Sunscreen
- Flare
- Esbit or Coghlans 9565 fuel tablets

I need to get back to work. I'll post back with my personal list as soon as I am able.

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