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arcticap looks like you have the better info on this subject cause I'm all out of idea's on this one. Some of the other's would know but no one is chiming in to help out. Dan_D may have a little homework cut out for himself. Sure as I would say something like that you'll maybe luck up on something if you believe in luck. I'm working with a little Colt pocket police right now and will post on a new thread so I want still this thread away from Dan_D. I hope you can find what your looking for. I would sujest not giving up on the hunt for what you want cause getting something else would not make you happy if it's really not what you want. Mail order can be a pain in a case like this. When you can go in a shop and look and handel the guns in the store you can get that hands on feeling with the different types of pistol's. I just happen to have such a place near home to go to. Most all his bp pistols are made by Uberti. Sometime's I'll buy from him and sometime's I'll come back home and order from Cabelas or Dixie. Neither have done me wrong with there product's. I like the way that most of the Pietta made guns are coming out now days better than some of the stuff that's coming out from Uberti. I don't know what there problem is but they do have some problem's with there guns that you didn't have a couple years ago. Sorry I'm just rambling on here I'll shut up and let someone else have the floor now.
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