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It could save your life.

I'm re-doing my survival pack so I can get fresh batteries, food, ect. My worst case scenario would be, truck trouble in the middle of an area, where I might have to stay for several days to be found, or have to walk out if necessary. Weather could be 20 degrees to 100 degrees depending on time of year. I'm trying to keep weight down to around 40 lbs for carrying, and a pack around 2 ft x 2 ft in size for easy storage in my truck or car.

Here's my list:

GPS unit or at least a good compass (State road map if possible)

LED Flashlight with extra batteries (Because the light will last longer)

Fishing line with hooks and weights

Knife with sharpening stone ( Large enough to make into a spear)

Roll of strong nylon cord

Lightweight tarp

Short hatchet

Small First aid kit with antibiotic cream

2 Bic lighters with some kind of fire starter

Extra Sweat suit with socks and Boots

Extra Jacket or coat depending on climate


Rain suit

Water purification tablets

Good canteen ( Preferably metal for boiling water)

2- 32oz bottles of water

2 packages vacuum sealed jerky

Roll of duct tape

.22 caliber youth rifle with ammo (preferably a 2 piece for easy carrying)

Waterproof Back pack to carry all of this stuff

How many of you guys pack a survival kit and freshen it up yearly, and am I missing something obvious?
With hunting season right around the corner, I just thought it might be worth mentioning. ( And maybe I'm watching to much "Survivor Man")
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