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Buyer Beware -Quantico Tactical.

Bought an M&P 45 on Friday from Quantico Tactical. It is what I would call a 'tactical store' which sells firearms, and NOT a gunstore per se. I would say first that it is 'store policy' not to be able to field strip a firearm in the store. Some would say that 'it serves you right' to get smoked - fair, but not necessarily always applicable. I think I got burned a little, but may turn out fine. The following is for education/experience to others near a store or chain like this.

Friday I purchased the firearm, and before the sale, told it came with 3 mags. So... I stupidly didn't check before I took it to the counter. When I got to the car, I noted it had two. I took it right back, and the salesperson would not openly admit he told me that, and gave me the "store policy is no returns on firearms". Bad enough, but when I got home and was finally able to field strip to clean, I noted that: 1. The barrel was very dirty. 2. The rails were pretty worn. 3. There was plenty of brass residue on the slide breech face - more than one would see from a test fire. 4. The date of the fired round was April 2010. Yes, I could have looked into this before I left the store, but NEVER would have thought about it to even look at it.

I called SW, and unless it had had warranty work, they really would not know even if it had been sold on retail before. So, I called the QT Gen Manager, and kindly went through all of the above. After asking him to reconsider the policy, as this weapon has evidence of at least a range session or 2, he fell back into the "store policy" mode.

I only have to get burned once on this. Buyer beware. If you see a smokin deal here, look very carefully, and look at everything in the box, and do not trust what a salesman says. Verify BEFORE checkout.

I posted this ONLY after trying all avenues. I talked to the GENERAL manager of QT, and I don't think his response is adequate.
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