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DoubleNaughtSpy If it was in the Dallas paper, then you can find it on the net. The Dallas Morning News is online. Are you sure your information is correct? Specifically, which Wing's was robbed?

Well it was in the Sunday edition of the Dallas Newspaper (hard copy). But I have not seen anything else about it. The 23 year old guy who was shot, name was Oscar McDonald. The Restaurant was Wing Stop Restaurant near Dallas. There was an address listed there. I thought more details about this would come out somewhere and be on the internet. I no longer have the hard copy because it got discarded in the trash by sommeone working for me. who didn't know I wanted to keep the article.

I wondered too how far the owner may have chased the robbers before catching up to them. There was no mention of the caliber of the gun used, nor confirmation that it was the owner who actually shot the robber.
I thought someone on the forum in Dallas might know more about this

I know the owner was within his rights in Texas to chase after and try and recover the loot stolen (albeit I don't think it was wise in this case), but if he did shoot the robber from behind I thought the business owner might get charged. But it said that it was being treated as all one incident.
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