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I am a business owner and a CWP holder, and I am armed at my office. My handgun will be used if need to protect the lives and well-being of myself and my staff. If a robber leaves with cash or goods, I personally would not pursue even if legal, for the simple and cold-hearted reason that I would expect to pay a lawyer more for representation than I could recover. I hasten to add that I also have no desire to take a life unless it is necessary for the survival of myself, my family, or other innocents, and if the threat to safety has ended, I am content to cooperate with law enforcement, insurance adjusters, etc.

I attach a greater value to living a peaceful life in the company of family and friends than to the recovery of purloined property, and I do not believe that a desire for revenge is healthy thing for the human mind. I fully respect others' rights to hold different opinions, but these are my values.

ETA: With so little knowledge available about the reported incident, I do not purport to say that my opinions are applicable to that circumstance, either.
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