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If it was in the Dallas paper, then you can find it on the net. The Dallas Morning News is online. Are you sure your information is correct? Specifically, which Wing's was robbed?

I wonder how many people with a CHL would go after two or three robbers like that, for any amount of money.
Why is the issue of being a CHL holder relevant. The owner need not be a CHL holder to have a gun in his business.

With more than one of them armed, I would not have chased after them, certainly not to a dark alley. I would think a business owner would have insurance for things like robbery. Would like to hear any comments by CHL and/or business owners in the Dallas area regarding the story.
Some have insurance, some don't. Many do run after robbers. It doesn't make it smart, but it happens. Then again, most robbers don't expect to be chased by the owners.

A short time later, one of the robbers was shot from behind in an alley allowing the business owner to recover the $1200.
Let's see, robbery at night from personal property, the owner did not expect to otherwise be able to recover his money from the robbery and used the tactical advantage of a rearward position to use lethal force to stop the forward progress of the robber with the money while at the same time doing so without the robber having the benefit of knowing he was about to be shot. No reason to get into a gunfight to recover your money when you can do it with a shooting. Sounds like an exemplarily legal property shooting.

The article did say it was all being treated as one incident.
No reason not to from what you described.
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