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There's damn little I need, but much I want.

I am not a collector. Not am I much of an accumulator. Yet, I suppose.

But in a year and a half, I feel pretty comfortable with the guns I have. All get range time as each is a hoot to shoot.

- Ruger SR9c. Great shooter with the possibility of CC when I get my permit. superb trigger.
- Ruger MK III 22/45. Accurate, supremely reliable and easy to field strip when you get the hang of it.
- S&W Model 10-4 with a 4" taper barrel. A true classic, buttery smooth trigger and honestly my favorite.
- High Standard Sentinal R-100. A 9 shot 22 revolver that's nearly as old as I am. Not nearly as accurate as the Mark III, but just plain fun for plinking.

I've also had and sold a Ruger P95 and a CZ82. Both were fine pistols but I prefer the SR9c over both.

I kinda like having semis and revolvers in the same or similar calibres.

Guess my next pair should be a 1911 and .44 SA! Not because I need them, tho.
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