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Nighttime Robbery in Dallas Texas

I read in the Dallas newspaper about a night time robbery of a Wing's Restaurant. The business owner had a gun held to his head and was robbed of $1200. A short time later, one of the robbers was shot from behind in an alley allowing the business owner to recover the $1200. The business owner was not charged, and one of the robbers escaped. The one that was shot was released from the hospital and then taken to jail charged with armed robbery. Police did not confirm who shot the bad guy.
Since this happened not a great distance from where I live, I wanted to research it, and nothing seems to be on the internet, or else my search engines are not coming up with the story.

I wonder how many people with a CHL would go after two or three robbers like that, for any amount of money. With more than one of them armed, I would not have chased after them, certainly not to a dark alley. I would think a business owner would have insurance for things like robbery. Would like to hear any comments by CHL and/or business owners in the Dallas area regarding the story. The article did say it was all being treated as one incident.
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