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Didn't get to sit much this weekend, had to go pick up my new boat and transport it for the final installs. Friday evening was a strikeout. Saturday evening was a lot of fun. 15 minutes after I got in the stand 3 huge gobblers walked out and ate and milled around for a while. They had a trailer hen that was hanging back, might have been the maid or something.

It was the beginning of being able to take does so I thought the 7mm08 would get to bark. About 7:15pm had a slick head step out but it was alone. I was pretty sure that it was a button based on the fact it was smaller and alone. It kept looking off into the woods, I was sure either mule was stepping out or pigs were on the way in. No dice, a deer that I will refer to as Speed Goat stepped out, his little rack looked like a pronghorn with the hooks it had on it.

Didn't get to shoot but I still had a great time.
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