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There is no safe place on the planet and we all are responsible for our own safety.

Anything can happen anywhere, at any time, to anyone.

God forbid anyone should ever have anything happen to them where one needs the firearm for defense. Hopefully it won't happen, but like anything else having the tool to do the job when necessary is paramount. Being able to protect your self or loved ones and others is something I would rather be able to do than not.

The gun is a tool like many others. With the gun or any tool comes great responsibility.

Being killed by four footed or two footed beasts is not on my bucket list.

Needing the tool for other possiblities is also paramount.

Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Being a helpless victim anywhere or helpless victims means one has nothing they can do about their situation. Having a tool to do the job gives one the ability to be other than a victim and be murdered.

I go with either a Ruger SP-101 in .327 Federal, a Taurus 856 (six shots), or a Rossi 462(six shot).

On occasion a .44 Special Taurus 431 gets the nod.

Now that winter is on the way I want my holes large and the .44 Special will and does do that to its target.

What is a innocent life worth? To me everything as a morals and ethics demands.

One other thing. Guns are pulled to stop an attack and the attacker is stopped without a shot being fired. Professor Kleck and Professor Lott have documented this for many years.

I would not count on a attacker/s to run or give up, but it helps if they do. Be prepared to follow up and shoot if the actors decide not to stop.
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